After much thought and consideration, we have decided to end support and cease operation of FirstStopTV. It takes time and money to keep the website up and due to pressure from copyright and the closing of many other similar sites, we feel it is best to end operations for FirstStopTV and avoid legal issues in the future. As some of you are aware, online privacy is a big issue these days and we would appreciate it if you guys would support in favor of net neutrality.

It took a lot of programming, editing, and time to create this website. If anyone wants to take over the operations of the domain and the contents of the website, we are willing to sell the rights and the contents of the database. If you are proficient in php, html, mysql, crons, servers, then it shouldn't be too hard to learn. The website will contain everything including the cron scripts that run everything and automatically add new series/epiodes. If anyone is interested in purchasing the contents of this website, please contact us at: [email protected] As of this writing (July 19, 2014), FirstStopTV will cease to operate. Thank you and godspeed.